The 5th FAI Junior World Soaring Championships will start in Rieti, Italy, July 28 and run through August 11. Mike Westbrook will be flying a Discus 2b and Kathy Fosha an LS-8. Team Captain Richard Maleady will be doing double duty as crewman with a car and the last member of the team is Giorgio Marchisio who will be helping out while the team is in Italy. The team goes to Italy July 18th and will have the gliders in Rieti starting the 20th.

Once the team has arrived in Rieti and settled in, Richard will be providing regular reports via this blog. Visit for up to the minute news of our SSA Junior World Team performance.

08 August 2007

Competition Day 7

It's 7:15 here in Rieti. Mike and Kathy are back and tied down. This seems to have been one of the best contest days to date. The task was a 403 km speed task. Both pilots appeared to have had a lot of fun, and are currently over at the swimming pool. We're headed to L'Aquila for dinner a bit later, and it should be a large crowd.

Today was pretty ordinary from a ground perspective. Pilots briefing, launch, lunch, siesta and chores. Somehow I missed the siesta though. Went for gas, money, duct tape (Kathy will have to explain that one), soap, newspaper featuring Kathy on the front page and contest T-shirts. T-shirts--20 Euro, Polos--30 Euro. ?????? Oh well.

Kathy and Mike took some good photos of their flight today. Obviously they seem a little more relaxed!! And by the way, in case you're wondering, that stylus mounted in Kathy's glare shield is the new FAA approved version of Flarm. It took a great deal of work to get the approval, but unfortunately, still doesn't work quite the way it was intended!!

Richard Maleady

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