The 5th FAI Junior World Soaring Championships will start in Rieti, Italy, July 28 and run through August 11. Mike Westbrook will be flying a Discus 2b and Kathy Fosha an LS-8. Team Captain Richard Maleady will be doing double duty as crewman with a car and the last member of the team is Giorgio Marchisio who will be helping out while the team is in Italy. The team goes to Italy July 18th and will have the gliders in Rieti starting the 20th.

Once the team has arrived in Rieti and settled in, Richard will be providing regular reports via this blog. Visit for up to the minute news of our SSA Junior World Team performance.

28 July 2007

Update Opening Day

Just to fill you in a little concerning the requirement to circle left only prior to the start. At the Captains Meeting it was decided to eliminate the left turn circling rule. There were a number of reasons given, most of which I felt were not logical. After much discussion with Mike and Kathy, who had encountered some serious problems with gliders circling in BOTH directions in a thermal prior to the start yesterday, we decided to e-mail Marina and request a meeting with her and Leonardo to discuss this proposed rule change. I met Leonardo on the field this morning and discussed with him our feelings regarding the safety issues that such a rule change would create. He proposed a lunch meeting with two other officials. As it turned out we only met briefly and Leonardo assured me that the rule would NOT be changed. From a safety standpoint I consider this a victory.

Last night the mayor of Rieti held a reception for all the teams and organizers, and today there is an air show occurring.
But mostly we're here on the ground trying to catch up on last details. I've been studying the operation of my new Street Pilot 2920 with it's European database (Thanks SZ). I'm feeling a bit more confident that I could actually reach a retrieve site!! And Mike and Kathy went off to the grocery store and stocked up on some food. Apparently there was some problem with their navigation--they're discussing it right now. I can't believe they're giving me the ammunition to get back at them for their kindly observations on my driving abilities!! They were exceptionally kind as they brought back a pair of sandals and some socks for their weary captain.

Richard Maleady

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